Smart Tech for Solo and Small Firms

August 30 2013 | News

Tech safety and making the best buying decisions were the focus of Smart Tech for Solo and Small Firms, the final Free on Fridays CLE held on August 30th. Tom O’Connor partnered with Craig Bayer to lead a very direct discussion on how to meet the technological needs of a law practice with an attention to budget, efficiency, and ethical obligations. O’Connor began by pointing out that two of the biggest ethical complaints made against attorneys are in terms of missed deadlines or fee disputes. Office management programs can easily solve both of these issues while mainstreaming the system. A lawyer with a background in software applications for litigation support, he was able to explain why document encryption is necessary on cloud services as well as laptops. Cloud technology is still an area of concern and O’Connor was able to explain that the state bars that have taken a position on using cloud services for documents have stated that encryption satisfies the need to take reasonable precautions with client information. Bayer was able to build on that theory in terms of encrypting not only a laptop or documents, but to encrypt wifi with a password, even for the guest access side. They delved into other areas such as private versus public cloud, best ways to backup a system, and purchases that work for mobile lawyers. 

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