Modern Document Review

August 15 2014 | News

Dr. Gavin Manes led a discussion on Friday, August 15th on “Modern Document Review”.  Dr. Manes, Chief Executive Officer of Avansic: E-Discovery & Digital Forensics, a nationally recognized expert in e-discovery and digital forensics, explored the problem, challenges, and solutions of Electronically Stored Information in litigation.  Document review is the most expensive part of e-discovery and the most time consuming part of litigation.  He asked attendees to consider: What document types will be reviewed? What document volume will be reviewed? What am I trying to find? Who will do the review? Who will validate the review? And finally, who will receive the results of the review?  Project management is key to save time and money and to eliminate duplicate review.  Technology, when used properly, can ease the burden of e-discovery. This CLE is a part of NOBA's Free on Fridays - Technology and Law Practice Managment CLEs that are free to members.  Join us on August 22nd for "iPad for Lawyers".

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