Meet Orleans Parish Assessor Errol Williams

June 21 2013 | News

Building and maintaining a more accurate public database was the goal Errol Williams, New Orleans parish assessor, highlighted during his Thursday afternoon discussion at the NOBA office. The challenge of bringing uniformity to the property tax assessments in Orleans Parish is one he is addressing head on with the use of mass appraisal theory. He shared with the tax committee and attendees the process of discovering omitted properties as well as how the assessor’s office works with citizens. Recent legislative changes are going to have positive benefits for the assessor’s office and property owners. Act 72 provides a greater window of time for questioning tax assessments. In addition to that legislation, Assessor Errol will introduce online appeal forms this year in hopes of being more accommodating to Orleans property owners.  Other areas that have introduced online appeals forms have seen the majority of their appeals being made through the online forms, a part of Williams’s vision of looking forward to greater improvement while celebrating how much the office has already accomplished.

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