Lynn Luker Discusses Leveling the Playing Field

June 13 2013 | News

Gender and racial stereotypes often shape the decision making of individuals and organizations.  Lawyers attending the second of NOBA’s Lean In series explored how these biases affect the workplace and act as a shortcut in hiring and promotion.  Exploring solutions to create environments where everyone has an opportunity to do their best work and get recognized for it, Lynn Luker, Lynn Luker & Associates, moderated a discussion on creating a workplace where all can thrive.  This includes educating oneself and decision makers on bias, establishing clear criteria in advance of making decisions, scrutinizing that criteria, and holding decision makers accountable. Transparency and vouching for the competence of women in organizations further aids in this process.  The summer series sponsored by the Women in the Profession Committee continues on July 18th with Kim Boyle, Phelps Dunbar, leading a session on Power & Influence.

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