Judge Allison Penzato Speaks to Healthcare Law Committee

May 28 2013 | News

The emergence of a younger generation of doctors more critical of their peers is one of the positive changes Judge Allison Penzato, 22ndJDC, noted at the Healthcare Law Committee meeting on May 28th. Critical peer review is essential in medical malpractice cases as a peer panel is an important first step that helps determine if the matter should go to trial or not. With medical malpractice cases running an average expense of $100,000, getting accurate feedback during that initial peer panel can prevent an unnecessary, costly trial. Judge Penzato also discussed important helpful tips such as studying great criminal defense attorneys, especially in regards to how they select and interact with their juries, as they try significantly more cases than most civil attorneys. In regards to her courtroom she says attorneys need to remember the basics of being prepared and being on time, as even the jurors will be quick to criticize an unprepared attorney.


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