Human Trafficking: Heightening Awareness and Exploring Solutions

August 15 2013 | News

Most believe prostitution is a local crime.  The reality is that victims of prostitution, children and adults, are trafficked by violent pimps to lucrative markets.  They utilize false identification, are taught how to avoid police, and to fear law enforcement.  Victims are moved frequently making it difficult for law enforcement to identify and investigate the enterprises that exploit them. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jordan Ginsberg and Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Jennifer Terry joined local attorney Holly Wiseman and Laura Schneidau, a Child Abuse Screener for the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office, to discuss “Human Trafficking: Heightening Awareness and Exploring Solutions” on Thursday, August 15th. Sponsored by the Women in the Profession Committee, the panel discussed both local and federal efforts to address the growing problem of trafficking of children for the commercial sex industry in New Orleans and nationwide.  

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