Entity Law in Bankruptcy CLE

September 20 2013 | News

Entity Law in Bankruptcy was the topic of a four hour CLE held by the Bankruptcy Law Committee on Thursday, August 19th at the New Orleans Bar Association This thorough look at the many facets of entity law in regards to bankruptcy began with Christopher T. Caplinger, Nathan Horner, and Joseph Briggett discussing Corporate Control Issue. The afternoon then segued into Involuntary Partnership Bankruptcies with Evan Howell and Jan Hayden leading the discussion. Fernand L. Laudumiey, IV  & David Messina next forayed into Special Issues with LLCs. Bankruptcy Law Committee  Chair, Albert J. Derbes, IV, was joined by Daniel J. Poolson, Jr.  in explaining Actions under 11 USC 510(b). The afternoon concluded with a panel discussion on the  Disposal of the Entity Shell after Bankruptcy

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