Cloud Technologies CLE

August 23 2013 | News


Increased speed, efficiency, and profitability are three major benefits Abid Hussain has seen from using cloud technologies in his law practice. Operating a solo, mobile law practice serving both New Orleans and Dallas, Hussain led the August 23rd Cloud Technologies that Level the Playing Field CLE. During the one hour CLE he showed how he uses cloud technology in his small firm while exploring each facet with explanations of practical applications. In New Orleans one is all too aware of the dangers posed to hardware, servers, paper files, and so forth during hurricane season. The ease of being able to work anywhere is certainly appealing, but as many are still learning what exactly the cloud is, there is the important question of safety, information ownership, and accessibility.  Hussain expects that state bars will begin developing policies for lawyers using cloud technology, which may even delve into password specifications as he reminded attendees that data stored on the cloud is as safe as the password used to protect it. Encryption services are an added safety protection, but he reminded lawyers that the shift towards more cloud technologies is inevitable so it is important to start learning and understanding how it can benefit one’s law practice. 

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