Calm in the Eye of the Storm

September 2 2014 | News

Ann Abbrecht and Carmelite Bertaut

The Stress Management Committee hosted a CLE entitled "Calm in the Eye of the Storm: How to Effectively Manage Stress" in conjunction with NOBA's Free on Fridays CLE Series on Friday, August 29th. Marking the anniversay of Katrina, New Orleans therapist Ann Abbrecht, LPC shared practical tips that we can use to improve our handling of the ordinary—and extraordinary--- stresses in our lives.  Identifying stress and the components of stress were discussed along with suggestions on how to take the time to understand  stress reactions.  The attendees explored methods and creating solutions to the problem of stress. Changing thought patterns are key to improving the way one thinks and feels. Ms. Abbrecht concluded by examining trauma and stress and how one can move from post-traumatic stress disorder to post-traumatic growth.  For information on the Stress Management/Wellness Committee, click here.

Featured in photo from left to right: Ann Abbrecht and Carmelite Bertaut.

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