2013 Mayoral Luncheon

July 18 2013 | News

Mayor Mitch Landrieu spoke at Wednesday’s annual Mayoral Luncheon in support of the city and with special attention to the legal community. NOBA members lunched at the Sheraton Hotel while Mayor Landrieu underlined how far the city has come, and jokingly noted that he would rather get complaints about too much road work going on than complaints about roads in serious need of repair.  His discussion focused on recent economic development projects including Costco and General Electric’s Technology Center. He noted the current budgetary constraints faced by the city, but emphasized recent job creation.  Mayor Landrieu rounded out his discussion on current crime prevention and the NOLA for Life program.  The Young Lawyers Section hosted this program and special thanks is extended to Tommy Peyton and Becky Farina for all their help.

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