Women in the Profession Series w/ Darleen Jacobs

September 30 2015 | Committees

Obtaining a Client Base, First Chairing Jury Trials an Courtroom Behavior
w/ Darleen Jacobs, Jacobs, Sarrat, Lovelace & Harris

On September 24th, Darleen Jacobs came to the NOBA office to speak to the Women in the Profession Commitee. She began her CLE by explaining that the best advice she can offer for how to build your cliental, is to meet with influential people. Whether it be at political events and/or organizations or social events. She said when you are starting out you should: 

  1. Handout your business cards wherever you go
  2. Join groups that help the public and offer to volunteer
  3. Get on the New Orleans Bar referral list
  4. Visit offices of older attorneys. This opens up the possibilities of getting referrals for cases they don't or can't handle
  5. Participate in political campaigns because it is a good way to get your name out there
  6. Visit churches to show your invovlement in the community and meet different types of people you may not normally
  7. Visit Criminal and Civil District Court and sit on on Friday (rule day) because you learn a lot
  8. Stay and look busy. If you find yourself not busy, go find something to do. You look professional and successful that way
  9. Be aggressive
  10. Answer all telephone calls within 8 hours of receving one, otherwise it comes across like you aren't interested in the client
  11. Contact members of your law school class and let them know what type of law you practice to see if they have any contacts or referrals
  12. Establish a webpage
  13. Follow up with a thank you to each client and remind them you are grateful for their business. You are likely to get referred or hired again in the future
  14. Prepare for a debate in front of a mirror because it is how the jury will ultimately see you
  15. Make sure appearance is stellar
  16. Prepare the plantiff and stufy the deposition. Point out your client's inconsistencies and give them your quetsions in advance
  17. Never understimate opposition and do research on them ahead of time
  18. Tell the client to get there early
  19. Make sure all your materials are neatly arranged
  20. Don't deflect attention away from the client
  21. Have a copy of a pre trial order next to you
  22. Always have a smile on your face and act confident

After offering this list, she said to "always remember you want people to know who you are and that you are a lawyer" because people are always in need of one.

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