Women in the Profession "Lean In" Series

July 28 2014 | Committees

The Women in the Profession Committee had their first "Lean In" Series meeting last Friday. The topic was "Allowing Yourself to Be Brilliant," moderated by Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson from Criminal District Court. The meeting started off with attendees making a list of obligations, followed by a wish list. The purpose of this exercise was to determine priorities and show how often times women don't put themselves on that list. This led to the first part of "Allowing Yourself to Be Brilliant," make yourself a priority and try not to overburden yourself with obligations. It is important to make a priority list more like your wish list. The second part  is giving yourself permission to be brilliant and not hold yourself back because then nobody wins. Third was to embrace the next big role in your life by focusing on what you can bring to the table, rather than what you cannot. Finally, it is essential to communicate effectively and confidentially; making every word count and articulate things as statements rather than questions. 

This roundtable discussion was very insightful and beneficial for those who attended. It was interactive and gave women a chance to express how both these struggles and goals relate to their every day lives. Friday was the first of of the three "Lean In" Series and we encourage more to attend to gain insight and skills on women, work, and leadership.

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