Why Domestic Violence Kills So Many Women and Children in America

October 24 2019 | Committees


Please take a few moments to read the linked article which explains why domestic violence kills so many women and children in the U.S. In a nutshell, it is because domestic violence and firearms are a deadly mix.We are fortunate in Louisiana to have some of the strongest firearm prohibition laws for domestic violence in the U.S., yet we are still ranked 2nd in the nation for intimate partner homicides. A person subject to a protective order or convicted of Domestic Abuse Battery or Battery of a Dating Partner (Yes! we closed the boyfriend loophole) cannot possess a firearm. An abuser must declare in court whether he or she possesses a firearm and, if so, law enforcement has the responsibility for determining the method of transferring and safekeeping the firearm until the abuser can once again resume possession if allowed under state and federal law. In Louisiana, he term of dispossession is for the duration of a protective order or for 10 years following the completion of a sentence for domestic abuse battery. Notably, under federal law, a person convicted of even a misdemeanor offense of domestic abuse battery cannot ever possess a firearm - it is a lifetime ban. Hopefully, these laws will save lives. 

Written by: Kim Sport, Domestic Violence Law Committee Chair

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