The "Dos and Don'ts" of Public Bid Protests

June 9 2015 | Committees

On May 20, 2015, Sharonda Williams, City Attorney for New Orleans, and Daniel Lund III, Director at Coats Rose, spoke with members of the Construction Law Section on public bid disputes.  Ms. Williams discussed the City of New Orleans' policies and procedures when defending a bid protest, and Mr. Lund discussed not only his experience in successfully prosecuting the bid protest concerning the New Orleans Airport on behalf of the Hunt Gibbs Boh Metro, JV but also his tips for timely and properly lodging a protest on behalf of your client. Ms. Williams and Mr. Lund's presentation was especially timely considering the public bid protest heard in Civil District Court just the day before (on May 19, 2015) concerning the City of New Orleans' selection of the Four Seasons development team to for the World Trade Center renovation project.

In July, the Construction Law Section will host a joint luncheon with the Women in Profession committee.  

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