Solo & Small Firm Committee Wellness Seminar

June 16 2014 | Committees

On Friday, June 13th the Solo & Small Firm Committee held their wellness seminar. The program started off with an introduction by Frank Milanese, Committee Chair, during a light lunch that was provided for all attendees. Tim VanDerKamp, from Swan River Yoga, offered an instruction on mindful breathing and relaxation as a strategy for effective stress reduction. Afterwards, each attendee received a free stress relieving chair massage, courtesy of Massage Envy Spa Uptown*, after they discussed mind and body wellness and relaxation benefits for attorneys. Finally, there was a presentation on the health benefits of physical exercise as it relates to stress relief, mood, increasing productivity, mental focus, and overall quality of life, courtesy of Sean Richmond and Gym Matrix.   They finished the presentation with discussion on the benefits of proper diet, nutrition and health supplements. Free samples of health supplement beverages and a complimentary 7 day Gym Matrix VIP membership were provided, as well as gift bags filled with samples from Massage Envy. This program recieved such positive feedback from the attendees and everyone left feeling relaxed and ready to finish the day after a long work week. We hope to offer this wellness program again in the future.

* A special thanks to TimVanDerKamp of Swan River, Massage Envy Uptown, and Sean Richmond of Gym Matrix for providing their time and services to help make this meeting a success.

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