Recent Developments along the French Market District

June 25 2014 | Committees

Jon Smith, Executive Director of the French Market Corporation, began his presentation with the French Market's historical background and significance. As he moved into more current topics, Mr. Smith explained the shops along the French Market are "local mom and pops with a lot of foot traffic," and that approximately 80% of current stores and products are locally owned/made and provide a large source of revenue for the city of New Orleans. He went on to discuss the 2014 Farmers Market announcement and mentioned that with Farmers Markets in urban areas, there is a 12 to 1 multiplier effect. Mr. Smith touched upon some other aspects such as parking and the management of the newly renovated Crescent Park, and closed the meeting with upcoming goals. The French Market District is striving to rebrand, but keep products homegrown and homemade, be a local alternative to shopping for residents and tourists, connect with the modern consumer, and finally to create a business incubation for local businesses to drive real estate development and increase profits for the city. 

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