Minorities in the Profession: A View From the Bench CLE

October 4 2017 | Committees

Minorities in the Profession: A View From the Bench CLE

Today, the Minorities in the Profession Committee hosted a CLE with three judges – Judge Kern Reese, Judge Terri Love, and Judge Robin Pittman – who’s combined judicial experience exceeds forty years. The panel shed light on the evolution of the judgeship in Orleans Parish and the role that Martinet Legal Society played in assisting African-American lawyers’ elevation to the bench.  They also discussed the importance of diversity in the bar and how the lack of diversity can sometimes lead to disparity in the judicial system in both the criminal and civil context.  It was a very enlightening discussion that was enjoyed by all. Thanks to the judges for participating and to Krystle Ferbos for moderating.   

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