Mag. Judge Michael North on Settlement Conferences in U.S. District Court

March 11 2015 | Committees

Above (left to right): The Honorable Michael B. North & ADR Committee Chair Lynn Luker

On March 11, Magistrate Judge Michael North of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana sat down for a "meet and greet" with NOBA members to discuss his own experiences and practices with settelement conferences in USDC.  Before becoming the first in his class at Tulane Law School, Judge North's early professional career began in the public service sector working for a non-profit dedicated to those with cerebral palsy. Prior to his 2014 judicial appointment, Judge North's legal practice focused on civil litigation and appelate procedures. The judge was very candid and open on how he handles the high volume of settlement conferences that come before him. A few of his very informative "secrets" included: how to enter into a conference, what type of settlement positions are most helpful, and the value of a conference.

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