Lean In Series - Communicating with Confidence

August 14 2014 | Committees

The Women in the Profession Committee held their second Lean In Series meeting on August 14th. "Communicating with Confidence" was held at the Louisiana Court of Appeal, moderated by Judge Terri F. Love. Judge Love started the meeting by discussing the meaning of confidence and explained that it is trust in your own skills and abilities and sometimes it can be hard for women to take risks, in large part because approval is more important. Having confidence and trust in your own abilities allows women to take advantage of more opportunities and risks that are important for career advancement. She explained the confidence gap that a lot of women have can be a result of life experiences and what type of nurturing environment you experienced growing up.  Judge Love ended the program discussing the three points involved in what confidence looks like. The first is point of view and what you say. Confidence requires sharing an informed perspective that takes what you know and relates it to the agenda at hand. Second is presence and how you say something because it is not about how you feel, but how you act. It is important to be mindful of your pitch, pace, and projection. The last was practice and what your audience hears. Effective communication involves choosing the most compelling facts and anticipating how your audience will react to it. For more information on the next Lean In meeting, click here.

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