Law Day 2015

May 14 2015 | Committees

The New Orleans Bar Association's Young Lawyers Section hosted another successful Law Day! Middle school students from Audubon Charter School gave presentations involving this year’s theme, selected by the ABA, “Magna Carta: Symbol of Freedom Under the Law.” Judge Jay Zainey was gracious enough to host the event in his courtroom! The program started off with welcoming remarks by Walter J. Leger Jr., New Orleans Bar Association's President. He outlined the duties and responsibilities of being a lawyer and the different types of cases that are presented in a courtroom. He went on to introduce Judge Zainey and explained the importance of his position and how a federal judge gets appointed. Deputy U.S.. Marshal Maurice Lightfoot gave a presentation, discussing his dedication to keeping the public safe and following the rule of law in doing so. He allowed the students to try on the protective vests and handcuffs, as well as hold the bullet proof shield. The students from Audubon Charter gave a series of presentations covering the history of the Magna Carta, checks and balances, the Bill of Rights, how the different branches of the government operate, and even a comedic portion that addressed funny laws throughout the United States that not everyone knows about. Afterwards, Judge Zainey did a mock trial with all the students and even allowed them each to go up to the bench with his black robe and gavel! All the students received certificates for their participation in this program. 

A big thank you to Judge Jay Zainey, Deputy U.S. Marshal Maurice Lightfoot, Walter Leger Jr., Kimberly Silas, Rebecca Farina, Ross Molina, and the teachers and students from Audubon Charter for making this such a successful Law Day!

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