How To Remember Veterans on Memorial Day

May 25 2018 | Committees

There's a special bond between lawyers and veterans, since both take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution in service to our country. Our veterans have gone even further, by taking a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution with their lives if need be. It's awe inspiring and there is no other profession who can understand the mighty power of this oath like the legal profession.

We know that 25% of the veterans in the New Orleans area have legal issues that adversely impact their lives. These issues are an impediment to adequate housing, getting discharge upgrades to obtain benefits they deserve, removal of legal barriers to employment so they can be self sufficient, family law issues, consumer law issues, and more. To address the civil justice gap confronting area veterans we created the Veterans Justice Fellowship, which is embedded in the new VA hospital. It's working. We're making a difference.

Donations from lawyers like you who understand the awesome power of the law to offer justice to veterans have funded the Veterans Justice Fellowship. Lawyers are fighting for our veterans as they once fought for us. On this Memorial Day, do more than have a picnic. Start off the summer by making a donation to the Veterans Justice Fellowship that will remember our veterans.

Leave no veteran behind.  

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