"How Chemicals Cause Cancer."

June 10 2014 | Committees

Angela Harris, a Ph.D., board-certified toxicologist, was the guest speaker for today's Environmental Law/Toxic Torts Committee meeting and led a discussion on "How Chemicals Cause Cancer - Basic Science and Biomarker Discovery." Ms. Harris began by explaining the basic concepts of carcinogenesis, by illustrating concepts and examples. She touched on molecular biology and the different ways of exposure, more specifically the process of initiation and progression to discuss how our body reacts to various carcinogens. The two main carcinogens Ms. Harris addressed were Benzene and Asbestos. Exposure to these, either by ingestion or inhalation, can be detoxified, repaired, or mutated. With overexposure, it can cause uncontrolled cell replication, DNA damage, and finally the absorption of carcinogens. For more information on upcoming events, please check the NOBA website or contact Craig Isenberg, chair. 

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