Guide For Trials via Zoom

December 8 2020 | Committees

In order to promote social distancing and slow the spread of Covid-19, the Office of Workers’ Compensation will begin conducting Trials via Zoom.  In order for parties to participate in Trials by Zoom, attorneys or self-represented litigants must certify that they have completed the LSBA Zoom Training for Lawyers or certify that they have reviewed the Zoom webinars designated by the OWC.  Additionally, the parties must submit a waiver, indicating that they waive the right to proceed with an in-person Trial and elect to proceed by Zoom. 

Prior to the Zoom Session: 
All participants must verify their e-mail addresses with the Court.  Prior to the day of Trial, the Court will send a Zoom invite with the Meeting ID and Password. 

You must download Zoom to your computer, laptop, notebook or cellphone.  Visit to download the Zoom app.  In order to participate, you must have a webcam, speakers and microphone, and internet connection (3G or higher).  All participants must appear by video and audio. 

Prior to the day of Trial, run a test by visiting

Attorneys and self-represented litigants must complete the following training sessions: 

Recommended for attorneys:
Other useful tutorials can be found under the Resources tab on the Zoom website at

During the Zoom Session:

All participants must join the Zoom session at the designated time.  Upon joining the session, you will be placed in a waiting room until the Judge admits you to the session.  Upon entering the session, all participants must activate their camera ("Join with Video") and audio ("Join With Computer Audio").  

All attorneys and self-represented litigants must know how to share screen and audio, in order to show exhibits, including exhibits and/or video. 

All participants must be properly dressed as if appearing in-person in Court. 

All participants must participate in the session in a place that is free from distracting noises.  Cellphones must be silenced.   

Backgrounds should be free from distractions.  You may use a virtual background, but you must test the background to ensure that you are visible. 

Parties must submit the "Attestation of Certification" form to the Court to certify that the appropriate training has been completed. 

If the parties agree to waive the right to in-person trial and to proceed by Zoom, they must submit the "Waiver of In-Person Trial" to the Court.  If both parties do not agree, the matter will be set for a contradictory hearing. 

A special thank you to Judge Diane Lundeen, Chair of the Workers' Compensation Committee and the Office of Workers' Compensation for sharing this valuable information with NOBA. 
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