Family Law Mentor Program & Committee Information

February 29 2016 | Committees

   By: Steven J. Lane, Herman, Herman & Katz, LLC

The Family Law Committee of the New Orleans Bar Association has some exciting, educational and highly beneficial programs in the works for 2016.  As was the case last year, some of the finest and most experienced family lawyers in the country will be offering their time, free of charge, to help mentor attorneys handling family law cases.  If you have any particular issues or problems with your family law cases, or if you are just beginning in the practice of family law, and would like to have an hour of time from a more experienced family lawyer, please let us know.

These mentoring sessions are set up individually, and at your convenience, and the overwhelming response by participants has been that these individual mentoring sessions are extremely helpful to attorneys with problem family law cases and/or who are simply looking for a sounding board to assist them either in their individual cases or in their careers.

In addition, we will be attempting to schedule lunch seminars/meetings with one or more of the family law judges to discuss the practice of law in their courtroom as well as whatever legal issues you would be interested in being discussed.  If you have any particular issues that you would like us to ask family law judges to address at a lunch meeting/seminar, please let me know and we will attempt to set up a lunch meeting.

Although all of us are expected to be current in our understanding of family law, due to our busy schedules, it is not always possible to know when a case is being decided that might impact us in a matter that we are currently litigating.  To the extent possible, the Family Law Committee will continue to review recently decided cases and determine if there are any cases that should be brought to the attention of our members.

If you know of an attorney who practices in the field of family law, and you think that they could benefit from the services offered by the New Orleans Bar Association and/or the Family Law Committee, we suggest that you recommend that they join the New Orleans Bar Association and/or become a member of the Family Law Committee.

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