Current Topics in Title Insurance and Tax Sale Titles

May 25 2016 | Committees

Scott Gallinghouse, Senior Underwriting Counsel at First American Title Insurance Company of Louisiana, gave an excellent presentation on tax sales and the 2009 changes in the Louisiana tax sale statutes. Scott discussed cases interpreting the pre-2009 and post-2009 tax sale laws and related provisions of the Louisiana and U.S. Constitutions, and highlighted several issues that property attorneys and title companies are facing with tax titles. He gave some insight into the risk analysis that title insurers do when determining whether to issue a title insurance policy on property that has gone through a tax sale.  Scott also spent a few minutes discussing some recent underwriting issues that First American Title has faced, including ownership of the common elements in condominium properties, judgments against the trustee of a trust, and the creation of trusts. 

Pictured are the Real Property Committee Chair Bob Thibeaux and Scott Gallinghouse.


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