Abusus, the right to dispose...

January 31 2019 | Committees

Abusus, the right to dispose…

Animals can own no known property.
Theirs, at best, a sufferance; birds of the air,
Fishies of the dark and the coldest deep,
You swim-chirp about in your rented space
Until landlord calls: what you occupy

Is but a hook or arrow on the sly,
Your tenantry of genus, species, place. 
But then again, let humanity reap
Its own possession: never unaware,
Kiss or hate, that it’s all one big party

Just for them; theirs alone is ownership,
Abusus, to employ the Latin word

For which swift bargains frequently occurred,
Humanitas, its stamp of ground, its zip. 
8/22/15 © Robert P. Thibeaux 

Written by: Robert P. Thibeaux, Carver Darden Koretzky Tessier Finn Blossman & Areaux LLC
Property Law Committee, Chair


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