Landlord-Tenant Laws

5 Day Notice to Vacate
                 5 Day Notice to Vacate Premises Sample Form

Basic Landlord Tenant Law in La.
                 Louisiana Law Help

                 Louisiana Law Help

Eviction Answer Instructions
                 Instructions for Defending Yourself in an Eviction

Eviction Procedure
                 State of Louisiana First City Court, Eviction Procedure Brochure

Landlord-Tenant Laws
                 2013 Louisiana Legal Services and Pro Bono Desk Manual (a resource for legal professionals)

Model Pro Se Katrina Eviction Answer
                 Model Pro Se Eviction Answer Form

Repairs - What to do if Landlord Won't Make Them
                 Louisiana Law Help, authored by: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (New Orleans office)

Security Deposits
                 Louisiana Law Help

NEW!  How Do I Get My Security Deposit Returned?
                 By Hannah Adams, Esq., Southeast Louisiana Legal Services