Continuity Operations for the Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeal

The Committee on the Continuity of Operations Plan is composed of six rotating Continuing Operations Plan Judges who will monitor tropical systems entering the Gulf of Mexico and determine appropriate Court closures. The Court’s relocation site in Shreveport will be staffed, upon an evacuation, with essential personnel. The Court has enacted procedures to ensure efficiency in financial operations and information contained on the Court’s network. In the event that the Court must close for more than 3 to 5 calendar business days, the Court will resume operation remotely and preserve judicial efficiency.

Any filing deadline, which occurs during the time of closure or on the date the Court re-opens, shall be extended by 7 days from the date the Court re-opens.

In the event of Court closure, attorneys may contact the Court at 1-866-900-4607.  Attorneys in the Court’s email database will receive an email regarding the Court’s operations. Any attorney not in the Court’s email database may submit their email address to the clerk’s office, to the attention of: Sherrill McCausland (

Pertinent information regarding the Court’s operation will be updated daily and posted on the Court’s website during any closures (



Effective May 1, 2006, every pleading filed in the Fourth Circuit, in addition to the information required for cover sheets under Uniform Rule 2.1.3(7) and Local Rule 13, shall contain the e-mail address and/or fax number of all attorneys of record.

After June 30, 2006, any pleading that does not contain this information will be rejected by the Clerk of Court.