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Louisiana Appellate Courts in the New Orleans Area

"Going Green" Rule Changes (posted 12/4/08; efffective 1/1/09)

State District Courts, City Courts, and More

  • Orleans Parish Civil District Court and First City Court
    • Civil District Court
      Including 1st & 2nd City Courts, Offices of Clerks of Courts, Civil Sheriff, Constable, Mortgage & Conveyance and Notarial Archive

New Phone numbers:  As part of Orleans Civil Courts’ ongoing efforts to upgrade its technology, all phone numbers have been changed. The only exception to this change is fax numbers. All fax numbers will remain the same. For the  new phone numers, click here.

General Forms

Family Law Forms
     Income & Expense Worksheet - Spousal Support
     Non-Covenant Marriage
     Non-Military Service
     Order Appointing Mental Health Professional
     Trial Order

Application for Rule for Possession of Premises
Affidavit of Correctness of Account and/or Note and Non-Military Service (form 1038)
Appeal Bond (form 1016)
Bond for Costs (form 1018-1M)
Default certification - of attorney and clerk
Default Judgment (form 1007)
Section B Default Form
Notice of Signing of Judgment
Exhibit list
In Forma Pauperis Application
Garnishment Interrogatories and Order (form 1011-A)
Request to Withdraw Garnishment Deposit (form 1014-A)
Judgment/Money (form 1012)
Motion to Set for Trial on the Merits (form 1036A)
Joint Request to Fix Trial (Consent Hearing) (form 1035)
Writ of Arrest (form 1080) 

 Information on Evictions



  • House Bill 90, La. R.S. 9:2551-2565, signed November 23, 2005 by Gov. Blanco, deals with suspension (or extension) of prescription and peremptive periods and other legal deadlines.
  • Senate Bill 16, La. R.S. 10:9-211, effective December 6, 2005, requires settlement monies on claims arising under homeowner insurance policies be paid jointly to claimant/mortgagee and mortgagor and that proceeds be placed in interest-bearing escrow account. Interest on proceeds of funds shall accrue to the benefit of the claimant. Defines "settlement proceeds" where funds in excess of $25,000. Click on bill for more details.
  • §1299.58.3. Living Will Statute with Suggested Form