Inspiration Page

The practice of law can be brutal: our mistakes and losses are all too public on occasion and it is difficult to keep going some days.  

We have captured a few of our favorite inspiring songs and quotes here.  Yes, we know the songs usually refer to romantic love troubles, but they are appropriate because surviving a romantic break up requires a person to recognize that the world is a much bigger place than what is immediately in their sights.  That sentiment can carry us through life’s challenges and troubles.

So, if you are having a bad day, take a break and check out our posts.  Hopefully, reading these will leave you in a better mood.

And, please send us your favorite inspirational song or quote, if it is not on here.

  performed by Willie Nelson

performed by Fun

   performed by Louis Armstrong
   performed by Elton John

   performed by Katy Perry
    performed by Jack Johnson

  performed by Destiny's Child
  performed by American Authors
    performed by Rachel Platten
performed by Jimmy Buffett
performed by The Shirelles
performed by Pink

performed by Judy Garland