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ABA Delegate
  • Jan M. Hayden, Delegate
Bench Bar Conference
  • Judge Jane T. Milazzo, Chair
Briefly Speaking Editor
  • John "Trip" McCormick, Editor
Continuing Legal Education  
  • Darryl M. Phillips, Chair
  • William B. Gaudet, Chair
Lawyer Referral Service
  • Peter E. Sperling, Chair
Masters of the Courtroom (sm)
  • Judge Michael B. North, Chair
  • Thomas M. Flanagan, Co-Chair
Membership Committee
  • Jan M. Hayden, Chair
Minorities in the Profession
  • Kim N. Nguyen, Chair
Nominating Committee
  • The Hon. Dana M. Douglas, Chair
Past Presidents
  • Chistopher K. Ralston, Chair
  • James C. Gulotta, Jr., Chair
Pro Bono Project Delegate
  • Katie E. Lasky, Delegate
  • The Hon. Robin M. Giarrusso, Chair
Solo and Small Firms
  • Richard G. Perque, Chair
Wellness & Stress Management
  • The Hon. Dana M. Douglas, Chair
Study Group on Paris
  • Jason P. Waguespack, Chair
Women in the Profession
  • Jennifer G. Lampton, Chair


Appellate Practice
  • Kelly B. Becker, Co-Chair
  • Martin A. Stern, Co-Chair
Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Rights
  • David F. Waguespack, Chair
Business Litigation
  • Shannon S. Holtzman, Chair
Business Transactions
  • Alvin C. Miester III, Chair 

Civil Rights

  • J. Dalton Courson, Chair
Class Actions
  • Matt Moreland, Chair
Complex Litigation
  • Thomas M. Flanagan, Chair
Construction Law
  • Michael S. Blackwell, Chair
Criminal Law
  • Brian J. Capitelli, Chair
  • Samuel H.Winston, Vice-Chair
Domestic Violence
  • Kim S. Sport, Chair
  • Tom O'Connor, Chair

Entertainment /IP  Law

  • Lesli D. Harris, Chair
  • Micah J. Fincher, Vice-Chair

Environmental Law/Toxic Torts

  • Michele H. DeShazo, Chair
Family Law
  • Marc D. Winsberg, Chair
Healthcare Law
  • Nairda "Lesa" Colon, Chair

Immigration Law

  • Kristie E. Bowerman, Chair

Insurance Law

  • Harold J. Flanagan, Chair

Labor and Employment Law

  • Edward F. Harold, Chair

Maritime and International Law

  • F. William "Billy" Swaim III, Chair
Oil and Gas Law
  • Colleen C. Jarrott, Chair
Pharmaceuticals / Medical Devices
  • Cami E. Capodice, Chair

Products Liability

  • Cayce C. Peterson, Chair

Property Law

  • Robert P. Thibeaux, Chair
Tax Law
  • Christopher K. Ralston, Chair
Technology Law
  • Parker N. Smith, Chair
Wills, Trusts, Successions
  • Eric M. Schorr, Co-Chair
  • Rose S. Sher, Co-Chair
Workers' Compensation Law
  • Workers' Compensation Judge Diane Lundeen, Chair