Thank You For Leaving No Veteran Behind

Thank you for your generous donation to the New Orleans Bar Foundation’s Veterans Justice Fellowship.  The Fellow will fight for veterans as they once fought for us by providing life changing civil legal help that improves the health, safety and stability of veterans. In virtually every branch of the military there is the Soldier’s Creed of  “Leave No Man Behind”. With support from the invincible spirit of lawyers, the Bar Association and its Foundation will “Leave No Veteran Behind”.  



The Veterans Protection Society
Gifts $5,000 and up

Judy Y. Barrasso and Brent B. Barriere
2015-16 NOBA President (JYB) and
    2015-16 NOBF Board of Directors (BBB)


The Guardians of Service
Gifts $1,000-$4,999

   Dawn M. Barrios
     2016-17 NOBF President   
     2014 Arceneaux Professionalism
     In memory of Joycelyn and Ernest

   Leonard A. Davis
     NOBF Secretary

   Walter J. Leger, Jr.
     2016-17 NOBF Vice-President
     2015-16 NOBF Treasurer
     2014-15 NOBA President
     NOBA Board of Directors
     2009 Presidents' Award Recipient  

   Michael J. Mestayer
     2016-17 NOBF Board of Directors

   Stewart F. Peck
     2015-16 NOBF Board of Directors

   Darryl  M. Phillips
     2015-16 NOBF President
     NOBA Board of Directors
     In honor of 
       Sgt. Lawrence V. Blanchet, Jr.
      WWII, Buffalo Division
      Silver Star Recipient
      Purple Heart Recipient

   The Hon. Sarah S. Vance
   and R. Patrick Vance
     2016 Presidents' Award
     2016-17 NOBF Board of Directors
     2011-12 NOBA President

Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer LLC 

Walter Carroll, Jr.
    1979-80 NOBA President

Entergy Services, Inc.
   Bar & Grille Sponsor

Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore LLC            

Liskow & Lewis, APLC
   Bar & Grille Sponsor

James R. Morton and Perry R. Staub, Jr.

Christopher K. Ralston
    2016-17 NOBA President
    2007-08 NOBA YLS Chair
    In memory of
    George J. "Jay" Zainey,
    U.S. Navy, WWII Veteran

Monica T. Surprenant
and Mark C. Surprenant
  2013-14 NOBA President 
  2010 Presidents' Award
  In honor of Helena N. Henderson

Stanley, Reuter, Ross, Thornton & Alford, LLC












































The Veterans League
Gifts $500 to $999

M. Nan Alessandra

David L. Carrigee

Elizabeth J. Futrell
   In memory of Col. Richard L. Jones

Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr
& Smith, APLC
   Bar & Grille Sponsor

The Hon. Robin M. Giarrusso
   In memory of Harold Michaels      
   World War II Veteran

Jan M. Hayden
   2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors

Rep. Walter "Walt" J. Leger, III
Speaker Pro Tempore,
Louisiana House of Representatives

Jones Walker LLP
   Bar & Grille Sponsor 

Montgomery Barnett, LLP
   Bar & Grille Sponsor





































































The Platoon Leaders
Gifts $100 to $499

Lisa M. Africk
   2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors
Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer, LLC
The Bar Staff of New Orleans Bar Association
   Helena N. Henderson, Executive Director
     In honor of Kevin R. Henderson     
   Paula St Martin, Administration Director
     In honor of Lloyd P. St. Martin, Jr.
   Elizabeth M. Daino, Program Director
   Emily J. Anderson, Communications
     In memory of John B. Anderson
   Morgan L. Ellis, Members Services
   Hayley M. Landry, Special Projects
     In memory of Charles D. Bond, Sr.
   Nathalia Brandsetter, LRS Coordinator
   Rebecca Huskey, LRS Coordinator       
Alicia M. Bendana
Jack C. Benjamin, Jr.
  2016-17 Inn of Court President
  1996-97 YLS Chair
Allan Berger
  In honor of Dylan, Max and Brodie Geiger
Jon G. Bethune
 In memory of James G. Dunaif
Kim M. Boyle
   2007 Presidents' Award
   2002-03 NOBA President
Butler Snow LLP
Sean P. Brady
John J. Broders 
Camala E. Capodice
   NOBA Board of Directors
The Hon. Sidney H. Cates, IV
   In honor of Sidney H. Cates, III
Angelina Christina
   NOBF Board of Directors
Coats Rose
Stephen K. Conroy
Robert J. David
   In honor of Jeff David
The Derbes Law Firm, LLC
Dana M. Douglas
   2015-16 NOBA Secretary
   2007-08 YLS Chair
​George D. Fagan
Judge Eldon Fallon
First American Title Company
William B. Gaudet
    2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors
James C. Gulotta, Jr.
    2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors
Robert M. Hearin, Jr.
Fred L. Herman    
   In memory of Reba and Harry Herman
Grady S. Hurley
Rachael D. Johnson
    2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors 
Benjamin W. Kadden
William J. Kelly III
Patricia A. Krebs
   2016-17 NOBF Board of Directors
Wayne J. Lee
   2011 Professionalism Award
   2003 Presidents' Award
Robert L. Manard
   In honor of William F. Ryan
   Recipient of 2 Purple Hearts
   Silver Star Recipient
   Wounded 3 times, he was a 1st
   Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion,
   3rd Marine Charlie Company,
   Vietnam 1969

Judy Perry Martinez
   1986-87 YLS Chair
Audrey W. Masinter
Thomas J. McGoey II
Kim E. Moore
O'Bryon & Schnabel PLC 
Guy D. Perrier
   1995-96 YLS Chair
Kelly Juneau Rookard
   2015-16 YLS Chair
Norma Jane Sabiston
Peter E. Sperling
   2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors
Paul M. Sterbcow
   2015-16 NOBA Treasurer
   In honor of All Veterans
Margaret F. Swetman
Robert P. Thibeaux
   2015-16 NOBA Board of Directors
Laura A. Tuggle
Joseph P. Tynan
   2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors
Jason P. Waguespack
   2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors
Sharonda R. Williams
   2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors
Phillip A. Wittmann
   2015 Presidents' Award
   2003-04 NOBA President
Zachary L. Wool        

The Squad Leaders
Gifts under $100

Beth E. Abramson
Mark A. Cunningham
   2016-17 NOBA Board of Directors
Michael L. Eckstein
Camille E. Gauthier
Jessica W. Hayes
David M. Melancon
Steven W. Usdin
Ronald J. Wood