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Tax Law


    Jaye A. Calhoun, Chair

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On June 19, 2014, the Committee held Meet the Property Assessor with Erroll Williams CLE.


May 14, 2013:  The City of New Orleans invites you to participate in the attached Request for Proposals for Delinquent Ad Valorem and Related Legal Services. The RFP and any addendums are available on the City’s website at, click “Open Bids”.


For Information on the Last Line (Property Tax) Force

New Orleanians love second lines but all lines are not created equal.  NOBA has heard complaints from taxpayers about the long lines down at City Hall during the open rolls period. The Tax Law Committee wants to make this year’s line – several thousand people long – the last line.  The Tax Law Committee is soliciting members for a Last Line Task Force to study the issues raised by recent property tax assessment open rolls period procedures in Orleans Parish.