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Oil & Gas Law


Joseph I. Giarrusso, III, Chair          Colleen C. Jarrott, Vice-Chair

Upcoming Events:

Recent Events:

On March 16, the Committee held a CLE titled "The Recent Wave of Coastal Land Loss Litigation" with speakers Kelly Becker and Laura Brown from Liskow & Lewis.

Oil & Gas Law Committee CLE - Acquisition of Rights for Pipelines in Louisiana with Cheryl Kornick and Matt Simione, Liskow & Lewis

Recently, Louisiana, especially south Louisiana, has seen a proliferation of new pipeline projects.  This talk will cover the issues and rules involved in negotiating for, and litigating over, a pipeline or other right of way agreement.  Areas covered:

• The basics of a servitude or right-of-way agreement – what they can contain; what they should contain; areas of dispute.
• The rules for litigation of an expropriation suit.
• Trends in legislation regarding right-of-ways and expropriation lawsuits at the state, parish, and local levels.

June CLE & Luncheon: Cuba's Offshore Oil Development:  Potential Implications for the US

Co-sponsored with the Study Group on Cuba

  • Background and Legal Framework
  • Oil Spill Risks and Status of Disaster Preparedness
  • US-Cuba Disaster Coordination
  • Potential US Investment in Cuba's Offshore Oil Sector