NOBA's Tricentennial Committee

Kim M. Boyle

NOBA President 2002-03
Presidents' Award Recipient 2007

R. Patrick Vance

NOBA President 2011-12
Presidents' Award Recipient 2016

Honorary Co-Chairs



Dana M. Douglas
NOBA President 2017-18

Christopher K. Ralston
NOBA President 2016-17

Committee Members











The Honorable Dale N. Atkins

Judge Nanette Jolivette Brown

Judge Camille G. Buras

Miriam Childs

Angelina Christina

Donna D. Fraiche

Alanah O. Hebert

Judge Mary Ann Vial Lemmon

Judge Terri F. Love

Judge Monique G. Morial

Justin I. Woods


Special thanks to the Tricentennial Committee for their efforts in planning out the New Orleans Bar Association's Tricentennial Celebration.