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Liberty Bell Award

Recognizes non-lawyers for outstanding contributions in encouraging respect for the law and courts.

To Submit a Nomination

Use the Online Nomination Form


  • upholds the rule of law
  • contributes to good government in the community
  • stimulates a sense of civic responsibility
  • encourages respect for the law and the courts


  • non-lawyer in the New Orleans area
  • persons holding or seeking elective office are ineligible
  • previous recipients are ineligible

Nominations Deadline

March 15th of each year (Nominations received after deadline will be considered for the following year’s award.) To submit a nomination, please email Helena Henderson or fax the nomination to (504) 525-6549. 

Award Presentation Date

The New Orleans Bar Association is pleased to announce the recipient of this year's Liberty Bell Award, Norm Rubenstein. Mr. Rubenstein serves as a Vice Chair of the Pro Bono Project's Executive Committee and sits on its Strategic Planning and Resource Development Committees. He is also a Co-Chair of the 2014 Justice for All Ball, the Project's principal fundraising event. The Liberty Bell Award recognizes non-lawyers for outstanding contributions in encouraging respect for the law and courts. 

Mr. Rubenstein will be presented with the 2014 Liberty Bell Award on June 11th at the Approach the Bench at Orleans Civil District Court, 421 Loyola Avenue, Division F.  

Previous Recipients

  • Ruby Bridges
  • Juan D. Barnes, Sr., NOPD
  • Theophile A. Duroncelet
  • Col. Terry J. Ebbert, USMC (Ret.)
  • Maureen J. Goodly, CASA
  • H. Eustis Reily
  • Maria Yiannopoulos
  • Rachel Piercey
  • Stella Baty Landis
  • Anthony Gagliano
  • Cecil J. Murphy, Jr
  • Norm Rubenstein