Liberty Bell Award

Recognizes non-lawyers for outstanding contributions in encouraging respect for the law and courts.

To Submit a Nomination

Use the Online Nomination Form


  • upholds the rule of law
  • contributes to good government in the community
  • stimulates a sense of civic responsibility
  • encourages respect for the law and the courts


  • non-lawyer in the New Orleans area
  • persons holding or seeking elective office are ineligible
  • previous recipients are ineligible

Nominations Deadline

March 15th of each year (Nominations received after deadline will be considered for the following year’s award.) To submit a nomination, please email Helena Henderson or fax the nomination to (504) 525-6549. 

Previous Recipients

  • Dr. Rudy Lombard
  • Ruby Bridges
  • Juan D. Barnes, Sr., NOPD
  • Theophile A. Duroncelet
  • Col. Terry J. Ebbert, USMC (Ret.)
  • Maureen J. Goodly, CASA
  • H. Eustis Reily
  • Maria Yiannopoulos
  • Rachel Piercey
  • Stella Baty Landis
  • Anthony Gagliano
  • Cecil J. Murphy, Jr
  • Norm Rubenstein