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Judicial Poll

Lawyers Voice Opinion on Judicial Candidates for March 24, 2018 Election


The New Orleans Bar Association polled Active members regarding their preferences for New Orleans-based judicial candidates running with opposition in the March 24, 2018, election. Each member was asked to vote for their first choice of candidates running for contested judicial seats, and 248 members voted.

Be advised that the Board of Directors does not check or verify the accuracy of any fact or assertion made by a candidate in response to the questionnaire. The results of this poll do not in any way represent an endorsement by the New Orleans Bar Association and reflect only the views of the Association’s individual members who voted. Numbers are rounded to the nearest decimal.


Louisiana Court of Appeal, 4th Circuit, 1st District, Division F

Dale Atkins                                                                   39%

Judge Robin Pittman                                                  60%

No Response                                                                 1%


Orleans Parish, Civil District Court, Division A

Taetrece Harrison                                                          2%

Ellen Hazeur                                                                 35%

Richard Perque                                                           57%

No Response                                                                 5%