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Judicial Poll

Lawyers Will Voice Opinion on Judicial Candidates for November 4, 2014 Election

The New Orleans Bar Association (NOBA) polls its members for their opinions as to the best qualified judicial candidates whenever a vacancy exists on state and local courts in surrounding parishes. Only Active members of NOBA are eligible to vote in the poll, which is held online. Active members will receive ballots by email which contain links to information about each of the judicial candidates. Voting will be held from mid to late September 2014 for the November 4, 2014 election.

Judicial Candidate Information Forms
Each judical candidate is asked to fill out a  Judicial Candidate Information Form,  which NOBA will post online. The Form provides biographcial information on candidates and gives them the opportunity to provide their perspectives on why they are well-suited to uphold well-accepted principles essential to a strong and vibrant judicial system. 

The results of this poll will be published online and do not in any way represent an endorsement by the New Orleans Bar Association. The NOBA Judicial Poll only reflects the views of individual members.

Stay tuned for more information as the judicial poll progresses.