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Public Interest Law Fellowship

New Orleans Bar Association and New Orleans Bar Foundation Public Interest Law Fellowship


The New Orleans Bar Association (NOBA) and New Orleans Bar Foundation (NOBF) created  a Public Interest Law Fellowship in Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, to provide an opportunity for lawyers who wish to devote their professional lives to providing legal services to the poor. The Fellowship will enable bright legal minds to serve the public interest at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services. The NOBA and NOBF Public Interest Law Fellow will serve the legal needs of less fortunate in the New Orleans office of Southeast Louisiana Legal Services. The first Fellowship will be awarded for 2015.

Please join NOBA and NOBF bar leaders by supporting our Public Interest Law Fellowship. Donations may be sent to the New Orleans Bar Foundation, 650 Poydras St., Suite 1505, New Orleans, LA 70130. Contact Helena Henderson for information about the fellowship or about how to make a donation. 

Fellowship Application

With Special Appreciation to the SLLS Fellowship Donors

Anonymous Donors

Nancy & Jesse R. Adams, Jr.
NOBA President, 2004-05

Judge Carl J. Barbier
NOBA President, 2006-07

Judy Y. Barrasso & Brent B. Barriere
NOBA Board of Directors

Claire & Jack C. Benjamin, Sr.
NOBA President, 1990-91
NOBA Presidents' Award, 1996
NOBA Maritime Award, 2001

Kim M. Boyle
NOBA President, 2002-03

Walter Carroll, Jr.
NOBA President, 1979-80

Judge Tiffany G. Chase
Orleans Parish Civil District Court

Stanley J. Cohn
NOBA President, 2008-09

Mark A. Cunningham
NOBA Board of Directors

Timothy F. Daniels
NOBA President, 2012-13

Brandon E. Davis 
NOBA Board of Directors

John E. Galloway
NOBA & NOBF Professionalism Award, 2013

William B. Gaudet
NOBA Chair, Class Actions & Complex Litigation Committee

James C. Gulotta, Jr.
NOBA Board of Directors

Helena N. Henderson
NOBA & NOBF Executive Director

Herman, Herman & Katz L.L.C.

Jan M. Hayden
NOBA Board of Directors

Grady S. Hurley
NOBA President, 2001-02
NOBA Inn of Court President, 2003-05
NOBF President, 2006-08

Hyslop Shannon Foundation

Patricia A. Krebs
NOBA President, 2009-10
NOBA Maritime Award, 2009

Charles W. Lane III
NOBA & NOBF Professionalism Award, 2004

Walter J. Leger, Jr.
NOBA President, 2014-15

Michael J. Mestayer
NOBA Inn of Court President, 2006-12

James R. Morton
NOBF President, 2001-04



NOBA Young Lawyers Section

Brian P. Quirk
NOBA President, 2010-11

Christopher K. Ralston
NOBA Board of Directors

Deborah B. Rouen
NOBF Board of Directors

Peter E. Sperling
NOBA Board of Directors

Monica T. and Mark C. Surprenant
NOBA Presidents' Award 2010
NOBA President, 2013-14

Perry R. Staub, Jr.
NOBA President, 2007-08
NOBF President, 2011-14

Robert P. Thibeaux
NOBA Secretary, Board of Directors,

Judge Sarah S. and R. Patrick Vance
NOBA President, 2011-12