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Public Interest Law Fellowship

The Veterans Justice Fellowship
Leave No Veteran Behind.


Two years ago the New Orleans Bar Association and the Foundation (“NOBAF”) accomplished a first in the nation as a local bar.  We established a Fellowship in Public Interest Law which is intended to be an annual award to provide legal civil aid to our low income and indigent citizens.

Through your past generosity NOBAF has been able to meet its goal by raising over $50,000 annually to fund the Fellowship, but we need to take care of next year’s award, the NOBA Veterans Justice Fellowship, inspired by the Ranger/Soldier’s Creed of: “Leave No Man Behind”.

About 25% of veterans in the New Orleans are low-income with a range of unaddressed civil legal needs adversely impacting their lives. Local legal aid programs are overwhelmed by requests for legal help. A recent survey of veterans found that five of their top ten overall unmet needs had a legal solution in the areas of housing law, consumer issues, discharge upgrades, child support, and removal of legal barriers to employment. To address the civil justice gap confronting area veterans, we have created the NOBA 2017 Veteran’s Justice Fellowship. The Fellowship will serve at least 100 veterans through a staff attorney located at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS). The Fellow will partner with community providers such as the new VA Hospital and the Bastion, a low-income housing complex opening soon for eighty veterans with traumatic brain injury. Our Fellowship will improve the health, safety, and stability of veterans by providing life changing civil legal help.

The NOBA Veterans Justice Fellowship will help us fight for veterans as they once fought for us. Won’t you support us by making a donation to help fund this Fellowship?  In virtually every branch of the military there is the Soldier’s Creed of:  “Leave No Man Behind”.  Help fund this Veterans Fellowship so we “Leave No Veteran Behind”.  

Please join NOBA and NOBF bar leaders by supporting our Public Interest Law Fellowship.

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Tax deductible donations by check may be sent to the New Orleans Bar Foundation, 650 Poydras St., Suite 1505, New Orleans, LA 70130. Contact Helena Henderson for information about the Fellowship or about how to make a donation.

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