If you have any questions, please contact Liz Daino, Program Director

ABA Delegate
  • Stanley Cohn, Delegate
Bench Bar Conference
  • Judge Jay C. Zainey, Chair
  • Judge Michael G. Bagneris, Chair
  • Judge Tiffany G. Chase, Chair
  • Walter J. Leger, Jr., Chair
  • Christopher K. Ralston, Chair
  • Lynn Luker, Chair
  • Lisa M. Africk, Chair
  • Camala E. Capodice, Chair
  • Dana M. Douglas, Chair
Briefly Speaking Editors
  • Jason P. Waguespack, Briefly Speaking Editor
Continuing Legal Education  
  • James M. Williams, Chair
  • Steven J. Lane, Chair
Inn of Court
  • The Hon. Terri F. Love, President
Lawyer Referral Service
  • Christopher K. Ralston, Chair
Litigation Lessons
  • Hugh P. Lambert, Chair
Masters of the Courtroom (sm)
  • James M. Williams, Chair
Membership Committee
  • Sharonda R. Williams, Chair
Minorities in the Profession
  • Kimberly Silas, Chair
Nominating Committee
  • Mark C. Surprenant, Chair
Past Presidents
  • Stanley J. Cohn, Chair
Pro Bono Project Delegate
  • Leopold Z. Sher, Delegate
  • Judge Robin M. Giarrusso, Chair
Solo and Small Firms
  • Frank A. Milanese, Chair
  • Justin I. Woods, Vice-Chair
Wellness & Stress Management
  • Carmelite M. Bertaut, Chair
Study Group on Cuba
  • José R. Cot, Chair
Study Group on Mexico
  • Christopher O. Davis, Chair
Study Group on Panama 
  • Walter J. Leger III, Chair
Task Force on Judicial Poll
Women in the Profession
  • Alicia M. Bendana, Chair



Administrative Law

  • Carolyn J. Cooper, Chair
Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Lynn Luker, Chair
Appellate Practice
  • Bruce C. Dean, Chair
Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Rights
  • Albert J. Derbes, IV, Chair
  • Christopher T. Caplinger, Vice-Chair

Civil Rights

  • Marjorie R. Esman, Chair
Class Actions/Complex Litigation
  • William B. Gaudet, Chair
Construction Law
  • Howard T. Boyd III, Jimmy A. Castex, and Tamara J. Lindsay, Chairs

Entertainment /IP/ Technology Law

  • Joseph W. Looney, Chair

Environmental Law/Toxic Torts

  • Craig R. Isenberg, Chair
  • Andrea M. Price, Vice-Chair
Family Law & Domestic Violence
  • Steven J. Lane, Chair
Healthcare Law
  • Christopher D. Martin, Chair

Immigration Law

  • Brandon E. Davis, Chair

Insurance Law

  • David A. Strauss, Chair

Labor and Employment Law

  • Sidney F. Lewis, V, Chair

Maritime and International Law

  • Paul M. Sterbcow, Chair
Pharmaceuticals / Medical Devices
  • James R. Dugan II, Chair

Products Liability

  • Irving J. Warshauer, Chair

Real Property Law

  • Robert P. Thibeaux, Chair
  • Lillian Eyrich, Vice-Chair

Tax Law

  • Jaye A. Calhoun, Chair