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Civil Rights

J. Dalton Courson
Committee Chair

Upcoming Events:


Recent Events:

On June 28, the Committee held "Beyond the Bathrooms: A Focus on Transgender Rights." This CLE discussed 

  1. Various transgender situations in schools that the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana have handled recently, specifically for a high school girl
  2. John Edwards’ recent executive order, the fight between North Carolina and the Department of Justice
  3. Employment issues that transgender individuals are currently facing. 
  4. The recent Department of Justice's executive order on bathrooms

On September 23, 2014, the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Committee and the Women in the Profession Committee are co-hosted a CLE on "The Supreme Court and Women's Health: Reflections from 2014" with Ellie Schilling, Marjorie Esman, and Dawn Barrios. The panelists discussed the latest decisions coming from the Supreme Court and how they affect women.