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Business Law

      Alicia M. Bendana, Chair          John Mark Fezio, Vice-Chair

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On August 11, the Commitee held "Proving (and Disproving) Damages in a Business Case" CLE

Businesses have a legal right to sell consumer information, as long as their policies make it clear. What is the legality of selling customer data in bankruptcy?  Read more here.


The practice of American companies using corporate vehicles to hold profits offshore, primarily in an effort to decrease taxes, is now being critiqued by presidential nominees, journalists, and the public.   Perception blurs the lines between what is legal and what is popular, placing officers and directors of corporations, and the lawyers who represent them, in difficult positions.  Lawyers face an especially difficult challenge in achieving the lawful goals of their clients when those goals border ethical considerations.  Lawyers face an even greater challenge when their services are used to achieve an unlawful purpose after they have achieved the lawful purpose for which they were hired.  Click here to read more.


The Business Law Committee was newly formed in 2016. For those interested in joining please contact NOBA at (504) 525-7453. For questions about the committee please email Alicia Bendana.